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Red Dot Award 2010 best of the best

  • 2010

成形合板とは、薄くした木の板を重ね合わせ、型に入れてプレスすることで、様々な形をつくりだす技術です。無垢材では表現できない曲面をもったデザインを形にできるというだけでなく、材料と加工上の特徴から、軽くて丈夫なものに仕上がるという利点も持ち合わせています。 ただし条件によってどこまで曲げられるかが異なるため、製品ごとに工夫と職人技が必要となります。 この技術を家具に取り入れ、日本でいち早く実用化させたのが天童木工です。


匠の技と職人の意地が作りだした椅子は400キロの静荷重にも耐え、成形合板ならではの”しなり”を生かしたクッション性のある座り心地も抜群です。実用的ながら日本的でミニマムな美しさも持つ“ORIZURU”は、red dot design award 2010において、最高の賞である「best of the best」を受賞するなど海外の展示会でも高い評価を得ており、イスの歴史に刻まれる逸品となるでしょう。

◆The World’s Best Plywood Technique
Molded plywood is a technique used for creating different shapes by superimposing thin plates of wood and pressing them in a mold. It enables the creation of complex curved surfaces which cannot be obtained by solid wood. The characteristics of the materiel along with the processing method used combine to give the advantages of being both light and yet strong. Depending upon various conditions, the degree of bending may differ; therefore, it requires different procedures and craftsmen’s techniques for each product. Tendo Mokko quickly adopted this technique in furniture making in Japan and incorporated it into their practical uses.

◆Beauty of Ultimate Techniques
“ORIZURU” is a chair which is the ultimate in the Tendo Mokko molded plywood technique. Its bends like a complicated piece of origami work are indeed very impressive. A simple, zero waste design, in the style of Japanese beauty. It is a decorative product and provides style to your interior.

◆Internationally recognized Functional Chair
This chair was designed with artisans’ techniques and craftsmanship. It can withstand up to 400kg of dead weight. It has excellent comfort cushioning elasticity, thanks to the unique “bending” characteristic of molded plywood. “ORIZURU” has earned a high reputation at exhibitions overseas, which includes the “Best of the Best” Red Dot design award 2010 for its functionality, minimalism, and Japanese beauty. It will be remembered in the history of chairs.