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E235 Yamanote Line


Laurel Prize 2017

  • JR東日本(東日本旅客鉄道)/JR East(East Japan Railway)

JR東日本の山手線E235系の内外装全体のデザインをKEN OKUYAMA DESIGNが行いました。

KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN is in charge of interior and exterior design of JR East brand-new Yamanote train “Type E235” . It has a large front window with a LED display that connects people and society as showing its design concept “Communication Train”. The doors are painted with modern gradations of the traditional Uguisu green to be identified over the platform screen door, and it also helps the image of the new age commuter train which has both of functionality and novelty.
In the interior, there are only simple digital signage as a replacement of hanging ads posters, and gradual lines on the doors and floor help to find intuitively the location of doors and traffic lines to move. Uguisu greened hanging straps are very noticeable and easy to hold, and the priority spaces separated by red colored are considered so that many people use it more comfortably.
Please do look forward to starting the operation of E235 from autumn of 2015 in the Yamanote line.