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JR-EAST E6 AKITA Shinkansen

JR東日本 E6系秋田新幹線

Laurel Prize 2014

  • 2013

JR東日本秋田新幹線の新型車両「E6系」は、2013年春から営業を開始しました。KEN OKUYAMA DESIGNは車両の内外装デザインの監修を行いました。



「E6系」の開発にあたっては、川崎重工業のデザインチーム、新幹線開発チームとのコラボレーションで進められました。KEN OKUYAMA DESIGNのトランスポーテーションデザインの経験と世界トップレベルの車両開発技術が開発現場では世界最高の高速車両を目指し、日々白熱した協議が進められました。

The new vehicle system “E6” of the East JR Akita Shinkansen is scheduled for commercial operation in the spring of 2013. KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN supervised interior and exterior design of the vehicle.

System “E6” is a 13m long-nose type. Under the concept of “White Flying Cloud”, we used the madder red color – inspired by “namahage”, a traditional Japanese folklore – on the main top part of the body.

With “Affluence”, “Genteelness” and “Personal” as keywords, we designed the interior under the concept of “Hospitality and Customization”. In the green cars, we used the colors of traditional crafts in the Akita prefecture, such as Naraoka Wares’ blue glaze and Kawaren Lacquer Wares’ brown. In the ordinary cars, we created a space in which you can feel elation and nature’s bounty when passing through rice fields.

While developing the system “E6”, we worked in collaboration with the design team from Kawasaki Heavy Industries and that from Shinkansen Development project. With our experience in transportation design, along with the world’s top level development technology for transportation, we had heated discussions every day at the development site concerning the development of the world’s fastest vehicle.