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Cutlery “STILE”


Red Dot Award 2013

  • 2013






◆Cutlery of World Renown
Tsubame is the homeland for the world’s leading luxury tableware. Standing out from the crowd however, YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co.,Ltd. were recognized for excellence in engineering and had the honor of creating the original tableware for the dinner party to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm in 1991. Since then, its tableware has been continuously used there. At the dinner party, its design, ease of use, and high quality was praised and it was recognized globally as a trusted Japanese tableware brand.

◆Inimitable Creativity
Our cutlery manufacturing technique, which is internationally recognized, is imbibed with the spirits of both our craftsmen and our dedicated development team. For “STILE”, in order to faithfully reproduce the commitment of designers, we developed new manufacturing techniques, which evolved from painstaking work to overcome challenges in the manufacturing process.

◆Uncompromising Commitment to Quality
We need to pay extra attention to cutlery, a product which is used orally. As a Japanese manufacturer, we certainly make no compromise in our commitment to quality. We carefully test the products in accordance with our strict in-house regulations. Only those meeting our highest levels of quality can be shipped. Our commitment is to manufacturing world-class products.

◆A Long History of developing Techniques and Reliable Partner Networks
In order to create a product, we effectively use, needless to say, techniques such as prototype fabrication, mold fabrication, and finish processing, as well as external network such as reliable manufacturers and craftsmen. The lacquer finish for “STILE” is completed by finishing technology, which combines carefully selected colors and materials, with quality.
Craftsmanship that Continuously Overcomes Challenges.