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Cutlery “SHIZUKU”


Red Dot Award 2016

  • 2016


”シズク/SHIZUKU”は、世界的デザイン賞であるドイツの「Red Dot Award」において、2016年にRed Dotを受賞しました。過去には、山崎金属工業とKEN OKUYAMA DESIGNのコラボレーションした製品は、2013年にカトラリー”エダ/EDA”が最高賞のBest of the Best、”スティーレ/STILE”がRed Dotを受賞しています。
レッドドットアワードとは、ドイツのノルトライン・ヴェストファーレン・デザインセンター (Design Zentrums Nordrhein Westfalen)が主催する国際的なデザイン賞です。プロダクトデザイン部門の対象は、過去2年以内に製品化されたデザインで、革新性、機能性、品質、人間工学、持続可能性、象徴性など9つの基準で、世界的なデザインの専門家により審査されます。

◆シズク – SHIZUKU



◆World Renowned Cutlery
Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture is the homeland for the world’s leading luxury tableware. At YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co,.Ltd., artisans carefully go through the manufacturing processes to create the products. Based on their original know-hows, they use a number of molds throughout a sophisticated process until the cutlery is finalized. It is this uncompromising craftsmanship that enables the creation of world-class cutlery. YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO is recognized for excellence in engineering and had the honor of creating the original tableware for the dinner party to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm in 1991. Since then, its tableware has been used there for a long time.

◆Red Dot Award
SHIZUKU won the 2016 Red Dot Award, a world-renowned design award. In the past, the collaboration products designed by YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO and KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN have won this prize. In 2013 cutlery, EDA won the ‘best of the best’ prize, then STILE won the Red Dot Award. The Red Dot Award is an international design award organized by the institution Design Zentrums Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany. The product, which was designed and commercialized in the past two years, can be registered to Red Dot: Product Design. There are nine criteria, including innovativeness, functionality, quality, ergonomics, sustainability, and symbolism. Renowned design experts around the world qualify good design with these high standards.

The theme is WATER. This cutlery is inspired by the fluctuations we see on the water. The wavy design was achieved by adjusting a mock-up based on the real fluctuations. The all butler finishing is the original method of YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO, which successfully captures the surrounding light, and reflects this light like the ripples on the water surface under a gentle and beautiful light. Only a craftsman skilled in high polishing technique, and working with special care, could create this random unevenness using this method. With this high technique, the company has taken this cutlery onto the world market. The cutlery, SHIZUKU is fine, smooth, and fits comfortably in your hand which has a casual style, but a real presence at the same time. This set is recommended for everyday dining.

※The all butler finishing : after polishing all surfaces, it is finished with the original hairline method by YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co., Ltd.