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Cup & Saucer “RINGO”


Red Dot Award 2013 honourable mention

  • 2013





◆A Long Tradition of Reliable Quality and Technology
Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture, has been known as a city of pottery for years. As a local industry, its technique and product quality have been supporting the city’s economy and traditional culture for a long time. Today, a wide variety of Tajimi pottery manufactured here is found all around the world and the city has become one of the largest pottery production areas in Japan.

◆The Ultimate Item of Artisans’ Craftsmanship
The “RINGO”’ cup range is in the shape of an apple, one of the specialties from the region of Yamagata. Our designers sought an ideal form, beautiful from any perspective, with its handle being integrated into its body to create a unique line and also ensuring it is comfortable to hold. “RINGO” was created using advanced techniques and the expertise of skilled craftsmen including features such as creating a hollow inside the handle portion to eliminate heat when being held.

◆Design that Decorates our Living
Inspired by an apple, the base of this round cup also has a surface smooth like an apple. You can create a ‘fun’ atmosphere by just putting it on a table. As the product comes in different sizes, “Ringo” can also be used as a mug, a milk jug, a vase, or to drink sake or other alcohol.