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Coffee & Teaspot “MAYU & FUKU”



  • 2006









◆Traditional Techniques based on Continual Innovation
It is said that the people of the Yamagata region have been making cast iron goods for more than 960 years. The history of the Kikuchi Hojudo company dates back to 1604 when the first master of the family, Kikuheiji received official patronage from the lord of Yamagata, Yoshiaki Mogami. It has now been handed down to the 15th generation. For a long period of time, it has won many prizes in as well as outside Japan. They revived its traditional Japanese iron teapot making technique, based upon using iron and iron sand, together with their relative, the Nagano family (currently run by the 2nd generation head, Tetsushi Nagano) and are still continuing to resolutely protect these traditional techniques nowadays. WAZUQU is the great marriage of tradition and modern creation. It is highly recognized and supported on an international scale.

◆Fusion of Tradition and Design
“As a clear stream flows…” Samurais sought for meanings in the sharpness and form of the teapot spout. The handle is formed by craftsmen to reproduce the beautiful touch of a Japanese sword. Skilled artisans purposely created a persisting sharp spout form, yet aiming for a noble and soft form created by nature. Design and craftsmanship have brought both beauty and practicality to tradition.

◆Everything Needed for a Delicious Tea and a Zen Moment
Efforts are made in designing a pot to ensure enjoyment of tea: iron material to maintain the most suitable temperature for tea, an impressive sharp spout, and even a tea strainer is included to infuse delicious tea. The shiny jet-black surface is painted with a material resistant to fire and rust. The inner enamel casting is designed to improve the durability by infusing carefully and also to extract a balance of sweetness and bitterness.

◆Eco-Friendly for Users and the Environment
In order to protect our precious natural environment, recycled materials are used for 70% of our products. There is no difference in quality and functionality, compared to those made with new materials. Manufacturing methods are adopted to reduce industrial waste and energy consumption. This product is created using “eco-friendly manufacturing”.

A noble and soft form inspired by one of nature’s “cocoons”, a handle inspired by the simplest and the most beautiful Japanese sword… Design and craftsmanship have succeeded in combining great beauty and a high level of functionality with tradition.

FUKU is a product created for all pleasurable moments; a tender and relaxed design and a handle inspired by the simplest and most beautiful Japanese sword.