news 2018.03.05


弊社が高い技術を持つ日本各地の職人と作り上げた数々の工芸品を販売するウェブショップ、「KEN OKUYAMA CASAウェブショップ」が3月よりリニューアルオープン致しました。伝統の技術が現代のライフスタイルに溶け込むようにデザインされた逸品を是非お買い求めください。

KEN OKUYAMA CASA online store has relaunched with a new design.  Please enjoy the traditional craftsmanship integrated into the modern design.



news 2018.03.05


2月28日(水)より、弊社が日本各地の職人と共に作り上げた数々の工芸品を展示販売するイベント「フェラーリと鉄瓶 KEN OKUYAMA vs 日本の伝統産業」が新宿高島屋の10階特設会場でスタートいたしました。3月20日(火)まで毎日開催されますので、ぜひお立ち寄りください。

A special event “Ferrari & Cast Iron Pot: Ken Okuyama vs Japanese Traditional Industry” is held from February 28th to March 20th at the 10th floor special event space of Shinjuku Takashimaya.  This event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for everyone to see and purchase the traditional Japanese crafts designed by Ken Okuyama Design.    At 2PM on March 4th, Okuyama will have have a talk show along with a live drawing demonstration at the site.  Since the show is limited to 15 people,  please reserve your seat by calling Shinjuku Takashimaya at 03-5361-1111 (ext. 5736).

【トークショーのご報告】3月4日(日)、弊社代表の奥山が現在新宿高島屋で開催されているイベント「フェラーリと鉄瓶:KEN OKUYAMA vs 日本の伝統産業」にてトークショーとライブペインティングを行いました。展示販売されている商品の製作秘話と共に奥山の代表作のスケッチをその場で披露した本トークショーは、大盛況のうちに幕を閉じました。

[Talk Show Report] Okuyama’s talk show and the live drawing demonstration was a great success, and his fans received his drawings and autographs at the site.  

高島屋NIPPONものがたりウェブサイト/Takashimaya Nippon Monogatari Website


news 2017.03.02

この度、奥山が「東京2020大会入賞メダルデザインコンペティション審査会」の委員を務めます。文化庁長官 宮田亮平氏を座長とする13名で、400を超えるエントリー(受付終了)の中から東京2020大会ならではのメダルを選定いたします。

Okuyama will act as the member of “Tokyo Olympics Medal Design Competition Judging Committee.”  Having Ryohei Miyata (Commissioner for Cultural Affairs) as the chair, 13 members will select the design among 400+ entries.

▶東京2020大会オフィシャルサイト/Tokyo Olympics 2020 Official Website
▶入賞メダルデザインコンペティション/Medal Design Competition



news 2018.02.13


2月10~12日に沖縄で開催された第10回G1サミットに奥山が参加いたしました。2月10日(土)、午前中は経済産業大臣 世耕弘成氏、株式会社ワークスアプリケーションズ 牧野正幸氏、衆議院議員 平将明氏と共に「G1 Connected Industries Forum」に、午後は衆議院議員 小泉進次郎氏、臨済宗大本山妙心寺退蔵院 副住職 松山大耕氏、作家 木暮太一氏と共に「G1サミット 分科会:コミュニケーションのアートとサイエンス」に参加し、パネリストの皆さんや会場の参加者と活発な意見交換をしました。

Okuyama has participated in the 10th G1 Summit held in Okinawa to actively share ideas with panelists and participants. In the morning of February 10th, Okuyama participated in “G1 Connected Industries Forum” with Mr. Hiroshige Seko, Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Masayuki Makino of Works Applications, and Mr. Masaaki Taira, a member of the House of Representatives.  In the afternoon, Okuyama participated in “G1 Summit Subcommittee Meeting: Art and Science of Communication” with Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi, a member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Daiko Matsuyama, a vice priest of Taizo-In, and Mr. Taichi Kogure, a writer.  

G1サミットウェブサイト/G1 Summit Website
GLOBIS 知見録/Globis Chikenroku


news 2018.02.04



Tokyo Communication Arts College, the school which Okuyama is the Honorary Principal, held their graduation and promotion exhibition from February 2nd to 3rd at Makuhari Messe. Okuyama evaluated the students’ achievement of this academic year by judging their work for JESC Award, having an interview with students, and reviewing exhibited works at the site.



news 2018.01.28

1月29日(月)22:00より放送予定のTV東京系『日経スペシャル 未来世紀ジパング』「人類を救うスーパーマシン!激動の世界史にトラクターあり」に奥山が登場し、ヤンマートラクターについてインタビューに答えます。詳細は下記のリンクよりご確認下さい。
Yanmar Tractor will be shown up on “Future Century ZIPANG”(TV Tokyo) at 22:00, January 29th. Ken Okuyama commented on in the interview. Please check it out on TV.

▶ 未来世紀ジパングオフィシャルサイト


news 2017.12.20

12月30日(土)、山形さくらんぼテレビ『山形元気大図鑑 Turning Point~分岐点の決断~』に奥山が出演いたします。放送予定は以下のとおりです。
番組名:山形元気大図鑑 Turning Point~分岐点の決断~
放送日時:2017年12月30日(土) 14時~14時55分(再放送:同日深夜01時30分~02時25分) 
Ken Okuyama will appear on TV program “Message 2017 — Turning Point” (Yamagata Sakurambo TV) at 14:00 on December 30th. Please check it out on TV.

▶ 「山形元気大図鑑」オフィシャルサイト


news 2017.11.29



Sponsored by Tendo City, presentation for the trial piece of “New Decorative Shogi Piece” project, designed by KOD, was held on November 29th, 2017 in Tokyo. First introduced by Mr. Yamamoto, the mayor of Tendo City, and Ms. Sunaga, CEO of Trustbank, Inc., the process of design and manufacturing was explained by Mr. Kato, managing director of Tendo Co., Ltd., Mr. Moriuchi, senior managing director of Japan Shogi Association, Mr. Takeuchi, chief director of Shogi Pieces Makers Cooperative Society of Yamagata, Mr. Chizan Takahashi, craftsman of decorative shogi piece, and Okuyama. From now on the piece will be sold nationally through hometown tax, and will be expanded in various fields.


news 2017.11.14


Kode57: Jay Leno's Garage

Kode0: Jay Leno's Garage

アメリカの人気司会者Jay Leno氏の車番組「Jay Leno’s Garage」にKode57、Kode 0(zero)が登場いたしました。奥山がガレージを訪ねてそれぞれの車の魅力を語り、Leno氏と共にLAの街を走りました。番組はyoutubeでご覧ください。

Kode 57 and Kode 0(zero) were shown up on “Jay Leno’s Garage”. Ken Okuyama visited his garage a couple of times to talk about cars and had a ride together on the street in Los Angels. Please check it out on youtube.

▶KODE 57 – Jay Leno’s Garage-YouTube
▶KODE 0 – Jay Leno’s Garage-YouTube


news 2017.11.04



On November 4th, Okuyama has appeared on the platform of Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2017, “Near future prospects (-2050)・The society created by EV and the role of design.”
After Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike introduced about activities related to EV in Tokyo, Shiro Nakamura (former Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor), Akihiro Nagaya (Executive Officer and Chief General Manager of Yamaha Motor) and Okuyama discussed how EV will impact people, society, and car itself based on industry, life and education.